In 2023, Thanyathari Clinic is entering its 11th year of service. We promise to develop service standards, check and treat, and update technology, knowledge, and modern skin tools all the time.

We intend for Thanyathari Clinic to It is a clinic that provides comprehensive skin and beauty treatment services. Modern with premium service standards to support those who come to use the service within the country. and foreign tourists in the southern zone

"The medical team updates new knowledge all the time.

Confident that the medicine is genuine, safe, passed the FDA.

Available at Thantharee Clinic "

Dr. Amnat Wongcharoenchoke

Dr. Chukiat Charojankiat

Dr. Thanakorn Siwichai

"We are dedicated to taking care of you to the best of our abilities. We focus on using American standard machines.

With a team of doctors with experience and expertise."

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  • Allergan Aesthetics Valued Customer 2020
  • Certified Allergan Aesthetics Aesthetics Valued Customer 2020
  • Excellent Allergan Aesthetics Valued Customer 2021
  • TOP100 Galderma ThailandPlatinum Awards wrinkle Relaxer 2022
  • Top Valued Customer 2022
  • Excusive Clinic 2022
  • Revs Celebration 2022
  • TOP Spender Aestox Pharma 2022
  • World Class Recognition Of The Year 2023
  • Platinum Awards Wrinkle Relaxer 2023
  • Diamond Awards Facial Aesthetic 2023
  • Diamond Awards Skin Quality 2023

Ask for more information / free consultation

Ask for more information / free consultation

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