The latest generation of laser innovation Covers all skin problems

Treatment of freckles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, freckles, tattoo removal, tightening pores. Treat stretch marks Brighten the skin with high energy for a very short period of time Makes the results clearly visible

A laser machine with high energy outputs energy, PICOSECOND LASER TECHNOLOGY, or what we call it PICO LASER, technology is an important change in the history of the development of laser energy in this world. It is considered the newest technology. That is used in the beauty industry, which is a method of delivering laser energy with the highest speed at the level of 1 per trillionth of a second (PICOSECOND = ONE- TRILLIONTH OF A SECOND when there is development in the laser industry. It caused enormous changes. causing a phenomenon called PHOTOACOUSTIC means light energy is absorbed until it forms pressure and then disperses without causing heat accumulation in nearby areas.

End all skin problems With the number 1 most popular laser

Dr. Cherry introduces the first Pico Discovery in the South. At Thanyathari Clinic

  • It is a Pico Laser machine imported from Italy. Certified by the FDA, Thailand, America and Europe.
  • Higher energy, safe, does not damage the surrounding skin.
  • Convenient, fast, doesn't make your skin thin
  • Can be done on every part of the neck, face, eyebrows, or areas with sensitive skin.
  • No risk of infection There are no scars after laser treatment.

Pico Laser is a laser that helps treat skin problems for people who have various types of pigment abnormalities under the skin. People who have dull skin problems Uneven skin tone, dark spots from blemishes. Want to have bright, white skin? People who want to remove dark tattoos, red, yellow tattoos, pores, acne scars, and people with stretch marks.





Black birthmark, brown

Black spots acne

Pan Ota

Tattoo removal

Reduce wrinkles

Acne holes

Tighten pores

Stretch marks

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As for the types of acne scars that can occur on our facial skin, Can be divided into 3 types :

1. Ice Pick Scars. This type of acne scars. It has the appearance of a deep wound, narrow wound mouth, and uneven wound edges. The bottom of the wound is similar to a cone. It is as deep as the epidermis or subcutaneous tissue. The depth of the wound is less than 2 millimeters.

The affected area is usually on the cheek. These are considered to be the most severe acne scars and the most difficult to treat. In medicine, wounds are divided into 2 types: shallow wounds, depth 0.1 0.5 millimeters, and deep wounds. Has a depth greater than or equal to 0.5 millimetres.

2. Boxcar Scar type acne scars. This type of acne scars. Looks like a box The width of the mouth of the hole and the bottom of the hole are the same. The edges are clear. The wound is usually 3-4 millimeters wide and is circular or oval. which has both deep and shallow

The cause of acne scars Besides from acne It can also be caused by chickenpox blisters.

3. Rolling Scar type acne holes. This type of acne holes. There is a wide scar that runs deep beneath the skin. Curved like the bottom of a pan They are usually 4-5 millimeters wide. This type of scar has a wave-like appearance. It is caused by fascia tissue pulling back the layers from the dermis to the subcutaneous tissue.

  • Before the laser, you should avoid doing activities in the sun for a long time, at least 2 weeks.
  • Refrain from using cosmetics and skin care products that contain AHA, BHA ingredients.
  • If you have any congenital disease, you should inform your doctor before treatment.
  • There may be swelling and redness after the procedure. The symptoms will subside after several hours.
  • Bleeding spots may occur in the treated area. Or there may be itching, dry, and flaky skin for about 1- 2 weeks.
  • Must be a machine that has been certified by the FDA, Thailand, America, and Europe (FDA Approved).
  • Check Thantharee clinic's certificate at the official website.
  • Discovery Pico can emit up to 3 wavelengths: 532 nanometers, 694 nanometers, and 1064 nanometers, which can be selected according to the problems of the service recipient.
  • Pulse duration is as short as 450 picoseconds.
  • It can be done on every part of the problem area on the face, lips, eyebrows, neck, and body. Even areas with sensitive skin can be done.

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