Long Pulse ND YAG

     Commonly used hair removal methods such as shaving, plucking, or waxing are only temporary methods of hair removal. Hair removal with Long Pulse ND YAG is permanent hair removal.

     Thantharee Clinic We use the LONG PULSED ND YAG laser hair removal machine, which is a laser machine that is recognized as the best hair removal technology (GOLD STANDARD).

      Long Pulse ND YAG is a very safe hair removal laser. The laser has a wavelength of 1064 nanometers and Long Pulse ND YAG emits energy in a frequency range that can destroy hair follicles. which is the source The birth of hair without damaging the surrounding skin while using the laser.

      While shooting the laser The heat from the energy will destroy the hair roots. And this wavelength can go down to 7 millimeters deep into the skin, causing the hair follicle to stop growing. and finally atrophied After that, the hairs will gradually fall out. Each time you receive YAG LASER, up to 30% of the hairs can be removed. And after 3 - 5 sessions, the hairs will not grow back again. It depends on the thickness of each person's hair. Laser treatment will see results from the first time.

The important stage is the Anagen stage, which is the stage of hair growth. This is the period when hairs are growing. There is cell division. and receive various nutrients Therefore, it is recommended to repeat the laser every 2 - 4 weeks. When the laser hair growth cycle is completed, the new hair growth period will be slower. The hair that grows will be soft and the hair will gradually disappear.

YAG LASER is used to remove hair in the desired area. It is a highly safe laser. Can be used to remove hair from all parts of the body. and the parts that need to be kept in small details, such as the face and mustache

  • Facial hair laser

The more hair on the face It makes makeup more difficult. The skin doesn't look smooth. So people are interested in removing facial hair. In addition, using the YAG laser for hair removal also helps make the facial skin look smoother. Along with reducing the chance of additional acne.

  • Beard Laser

Beard Laser Answering the problem for men or women who are concerned about beard growth, YAG Laser solves the problem of skin looking uneven. After the laser, the skin treated with the laser will look smoother and brighter.

  • Armpit hair laser

Anyone who has problems with dark armpits and ingrown hairs must try YAG Laser because this laser can solve such problems. It also helps make the armpit skin smooth. No chicken skin bumps This is a common problem for people who like to shave their armpits.

  • Arm hair laser

Many people are unsure about wearing tank tops or short sleeves because there is a lot of hair. YAG can be used to remove hair in this area well. After the laser, the skin on the arms will look smoother and brighter.

  • Leg hair laser

There are many people who don't dare to wear shorts and don't want to show off their long, slender legs. Always have to wear long pants. No matter how hot it is Because the hair is dark and dense, YAG Laser can handle it and make the legs look clearer, brighter, and cleaner.

  • Brazilian laser

Brazilian laser hair treatment It is the most permanent and effective method of hair removal. By firing a laser beam to eliminate strands up to the hair follicle cells. Which is very safe, does not hurt much and if done in a clinic that meets standards By specialists will receive good service Gives smooth results Including no ingrown hairs. or the itching subsides

  • Laser Bikini

Bikini hair removal or bikini line is the removal of hair around the underwear line. or groin area But it does not remove all the hair, leaving a triangular shape. Suitable for first time hair removal. and those who like to wear swimsuits and bikinis

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  • Before laser, you should not shave, pluck, or wax your hair for 1-2 weeks.
  • Do not scrub the skin in the laser treatment area.
  • You should receive treatment every 2-4 weeks, approximately 3-5 times.
  • Depends on the different responses of each person.
  • After the treatment, there will be a burning sensation in the treated area. and symptoms will gradually improve within 4-6 hours
  • Avoid doing activities in the sun for a long time, at least 2 weeks.

Armpit hair removal laser 800.- baht/time

Bikini laser hair removal 800.- baht/time

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