DHI hair transplantation is a permanent hair transplant using a type of FUE technique with the same procedure of drilling out the graft at the back of the head (Donor Area). But in the DHI hair transplant process, one hair can be implanted and transplanted one at a time in one session. With a standard safe tool like the "DHI Implanter" which is different from the traditional FUE technique.

  • Hair transplant using the DHI pen with high precision
  • The results are dense, detailed, and natural.
  • There are no scars, the wound dries quickly.
  • Less recovery time, easy to care for.
  • Get natural hair

A hair graft is a hair follicle that the doctor will extract from the back of the head. To grow hair, normally 1 graft will have from 1-4 hairs together. The number of grafts used in each person's hair transplant will be more or less depending on each person's problem. The doctor will evaluate it before performing surgery. Taking into account the most naturalness

Advantages of DHI hair transplant technique with Implanter

The Implanter Pen is a technology designed to be easy to use. This allows the doctor to spend less time than with small forceps and can determine the direction of hair transplantation well. both consistent depth and more accurate And most importantly, using the Implanter Pen will effectively preserve the hair follicle cells that will be transplanted. Makes planting time less painful And patients can recover faster from hair transplantation.

Implanter Pen

Hair transplant review case

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Tel .075-636099, 064-5534003

Step 1

Graph drawing design

Step 2

Anesthetic injection

Step 3

Drilling and extracting grafted cells Hair roots

Step 4

Sorting out hair grafts

Step 5

Place the clear graft in IMPLANTER.

Step 6

Hair transplant with IMPLANTER

Ask for more information / free consultation

Tel .075-636099, 064-5534003

Ask for more information / free consultation

Tel .075-636099, 064-5534003

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